American Debt Enders Celebrate 14 Years of Providing Debt Validation and Credit Restoration Services

Written by on January 29, 2022

New York, NY, January 29, 2022 –(– In recent years, fraudulent, abusive, and deceptive debt collection practices have increased nationwide. While the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires debt collectors to refrain from using unfair debt collection practices, many agencies fail to maintain compliance. Unfortunately, many people are unable to identify such instances. They may think the debt is valid and pay it off.

American Debt Enders recently celebrated 14 years of service, becoming one of the most trusted, reliable, and reputable debt validation and credit restoration companies across the US. Serving 47 states across the nation, the company provides free debt counseling to help clients understand their unique situation, get a good grasp on all the facts, and take the right course of action. American Debt Enders offers an immensely successful debt relief program and helps people become debt-free in between 12 and 36 months.

According to a company representative Steve Ciantro, “We understand how debilitating debt can be. At American Debt Enders, we shoulder the responsibility of determining whether your debt is valid or not. If it isn’t, we work diligently to prove that your debt is indeed invalid. We successfully get it removed by disputing the claim, helping you get back on track. In case your debt is valid, we will bring in our legal team and settle the debt.” He added further, “If tackled alone, the debt relief process can be extremely challenging, time-consuming, and complex. We take the legwork out of it while promising good results. Our team helps you get back on track. We’ve been doing this for 14 years!”

American Debt Enders also helps restore people’s credit. A low credit score can make it increasingly difficult for people to qualify for any loan (car loan, mortgage, etc.). They are also required to pay higher interest rates since they are at a greater risk of defaulting on the loan. American Debt Enders provides individualized credit restoration services. Their debt dispute program fights fraudulent debt collection claims and brings low credit scores back up.

“We dispute your debt and consequently repair your credit. In doing so, we can help our clients qualify for better rates on different types of insurance. They also qualify for lower credit card interest, enjoy more housing options, get approved for higher credit limits, and receive utility services with greater ease. A good credit score has a lot of benefits. We make sure that our clients aren’t deprived of them because of erroneous debt claims,” he continued.

The company provides maximum debt relief at a low cost. They also pursue FDCPA violations at no charge.

About American Debt Enders
As one of the leading debt validation and credit restoration companies across the US, American Debt Enders has extensive experience. The company is committed to helping people take control of their debt and work towards becoming debt-free. They can be contacted via the information provided below.

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