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When Susan Schaap, 61, travels from her Dutch hometown of Zeewolde to the nearest city of Leylystad, the 30-minute drive takes her through vast tulip fields, interrupted only by wind turbines and sometimes sheep. But if Facebook parent company Meta’s plans are approved, her view would be replaced by the Netherlands’ largest ever data center. […]

Facebook’s parent company Meta has faced mounting accusations of failing to protect its moderators and the public from online abuse, leading to pressure for legislation worldwide to address the company’s failure to act on concerns. Originally brought to the fore in 2018, the momentum around the struggles faced by moderators picked up pace in 2021 […]

The day after former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen went public in October, the company’s team in Washington started working the phones. To lawmakers and advocacy groups on the right, according to people familiar with the conversations, their message was that Ms. Haugen was trying to help Democrats. Within hours, several conservative news outlets […]

Apple is preparing to release its Glasses AR/VR headgear in 2022, and is increasingly poaching industry heads to ensure a smooth launch. Its latest score may have been Andrea Schubert who used to work as communications and PR head for none other than Facebook’s owner Meta AR headset project, reports Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his […]

What does Mark Zuckerberg care about? The 37-year-old tech executive has a wife, two kids, $110bn , and near absolute control over a group of companies – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp – that shape the information, entertainment, and communication of 3 billion people. But in a year that kicked off with those companies playing a major […]

As both a professional technologist and an end-user, I try not to introduce too many personal biases when I try out technology — at least currently. In the past, I have had issues with certain tech companies, such as Apple, which resulted in a decade-long aversion to using their products. In the case of Apple, […]

Facebook parent company Meta wants to have much more compatibility with blockchain technology, The New York Times reports. In a note to employees, future chief technology officer Andrew Bosworth, who will take that job next year, went over a new vision including much more focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency tech, which have become known as […]

In his monthly crypto tech column, Israeli serial entrepreneur Ariel Shapira covers emerging technologies within the crypto, decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain space, as well as their roles in shaping the economy of the 21st century. Sometimes a project’s name tells you all you need to know about it, no matter how niche. Take Kryptomon, […]

David Marcus, head of blockchain with Facebook Inc., waits for the start of a Senate Banking Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images It was a year of change for Facebook. The company was reborn as Meta, its first name change since Facebook dropped […]

A disturbing viral video turns Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg into a barbecue sauce-obsessed virtual reality nightmare. A deeply unsettling fanmade video of Facebook/Meta Platforms co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is currently haunting the Internet. The video plays on Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta and Zuckerberg’s affinity for Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. Styled as a […]