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Some say you need to be a mind reader to accurately predict which way the stock market is headed. So MarketWatch decided to ask actual mind readers — or mentalists, as they sometimes prefer to be called — to tell us what to expect in 2022. And as an added twist, we sought out a […]

Not only is Traverse City’s annual Cherry T-Ball Drop the perfect way to kick off 2022, but it’s also helping to make a positive impact on the community. This year, the Cherry T-Ball Drop is helping raise money for Food Rescue, a program of Goodwill Northern Michigan. “That is what we love to do at […]

CLEVELAND — If you’re one of many people in Cleveland who claim the standard deduction rather than itemize your tax returns — and most people do — here’s some good news if you were thinking about donating to Feeding America through Patch’s annual food drive. If you plan to claim the standard deduction on your […]

School scholar success requires a supportive studying surroundings that features glorious tutorial alternatives, hands-on studying experiences, a way of belonging and publicity to career-related alternatives. Pupil success can also be linked to dependable entry to nutritious meals and reasonably priced housing. When college students shouldn’t have dependable entry to sufficient nutritious meals to feed themselves […]