Earners of £100,000 a year could end up paying proportionately less in national insurance than those on middle incomes if a planned increase goes through in April, it has emerged. Figures produced by the Tax Calculator UK website show those earning £100,000 a year will pay just 7% of their overall salary in national insurance […]

Despite the series of headwinds that Facebook — er, Meta — has faced over the last few years, not least of which is the targeting and measurement hit it took from Apple’s iOS and ATT moves, surprisingly the company remains the same fast-growing ad juggernaut it ever was for performance marketers.  According to just issued […]

HOUSTON – About one in every eight people in the U.S. has student loan debt. Payments for about 80% of those borrowers have been deferred or postponed until May 1, 2022 but one man says his loan servicer reported his account delinquent, causing a big drop in his credit score. He called KPRC 2 Investigates […]

Visa, the world’s second-largest card payment company, recently issued a compliance memo to customers warning them that miscoding point-of-sale transactions through the use of so-called cashless ATMs—a practice used by some cannabis retailers as a workaround to accept credit or debit cards for purchases—could lead to penalties or other unspecified enforcement action. The warning comes […]

Amid the holiday cards coming in the mail and inboxes this season is a potentially not-so-nice greeting for some mutual-fund investors: capital-gains distributions. It’s not all bad news. A number of funds are paying out gains because stocks gained this year, with the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.95% up 22% through November (and has continued […]

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