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In The Lo Down, Lore’l fills you in on all the tea that went down this weekend between Master P, C Murder, Monica, and another woman. Master P has apologized to Monica, and now his blaming his brother for the drama. In other news, we’re taking it back to the R&B days with the next […]

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Lore’l isn’t sure who to call cap on in this story regarding Trey Songz. After a friend of OnlyFans model Celina Powell spoke about a sexual encounter with Trey Songz on the podcast No Jumper, Songz responded by revealing text messages with the woman, along with women who have accused him of sexual assault. Let […]

America needs a new song right now! A song that reflects our times, music that gives us power. Are you an artist with THAT song in your head? The Morning Hustle and 300 Entertainment are looking for “The Song.” A fight song and a new song of hope. The soundtrack for right now. The winner […]

Since we partnered up with 300 Entertainment and are searching for the next unsigned artist that has that next song that defines whats going on at this moment, we decided to dedicate this weeks Flo & Go as an example of what we’re looking for! America needs a new song right now! A song that […]

Dave East has another solid project on his hands with Karma 3. He checked in with The Morning Hustle to discuss the idea behind the project, giving back to his city, how he’s personally handeling the COVID-19 environment as an aritst that relies on touring, and recalls one time when he thought he was just […]

Once again Lore’l had to call CAP on #DonaldTrump after tweeting about saving the post office, except a lot of the actions happening from this administration with the postal office say something completely different. Catch Who’s Cappin every Tuesday and Thursday on The Morning Hustle! See more exclusives at! * Listen Live: * […]

Former House Reprasentative and CNN commentator Bakari Sellers joined us on The Morning Hustle to break down everything from Day 1 of the DNC Convention. We discuss Michelle Obama’s speech, mail in voting, and what to expect from the rest of the convention. See more exclusives at! * Listen Live: * Twitter: […]

The ladies of The Morning Hustle sat down with Miami’s own City Girls over video conference to discuss their latest project “City On Lock”. We touch on new music, politics, Kanye West’s presidential run, and they clear up some internet rumors regarding Nicki Minaj & Cardi B. Watch the full interview above, make sure you […]

As much as we all have enjoyed Akon’s music throughout his career, Lore’l had to call him out and give him “Who’s Cappin” this morning. “In Senegal, we’ve kind of overcome the thought of slavery, we don’t even think about it,” he said during an interview with VladTV. “The only time we think about it, […]