New York, NY, January 29, 2022 –(– In recent years, fraudulent, abusive, and deceptive debt collection practices have increased nationwide. While the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires debt collectors to refrain from using unfair debt collection practices, many agencies fail to maintain compliance. Unfortunately, many people are unable to identify such instances. They may […]

news, property, savings, financial advice, new year’s resolutions, new year’s, savings goals, house deposit With each new year comes an opportunity to start afresh with savings goals, particularly for those in the market to buy a property. Financial advisor Nick Lucey of Nest Advisory Group and buyer’s agent Lloyd Edge of Aus Property Professionals share […]

In this episode of Real Economy we ask: what has the single currency meant for European economies and businesses two decades on? Euro banknotes and coins were first introduced in 12 European countries on 1 January 2002, replacing their national currencies. The euro had existed for three years before, although only in electronic form. Twenty […]

Pay off costly debts first There is no point trying to save if you are burdened by costly debts. The average easy access savings account offers less than 0.2% interest, while on some borrowing you could be paying in excess of 20%. Aim to pay off expensive credit card, store card or overdraft debts before […]

Not only is Traverse City’s annual Cherry T-Ball Drop the perfect way to kick off 2022, but it’s also helping to make a positive impact on the community. This year, the Cherry T-Ball Drop is helping raise money for Food Rescue, a program of Goodwill Northern Michigan. “That is what we love to do at […]

It’s that time again when many of us around the world will make resolutions for next year. Generally, the most common resolutions for the start of a new year focus on several major themes: ·      Health and physical wellness such as: exercising more, getting more sleep, losing weight and making healthier choices when eating. ·      Strategies to […]

Go ahead, take a swig of champagne, toast the new year and make those resolutions. Even though promises to ourselves might give us a sense of self-satisfaction in the moment, the tradition doesn’t necessarily benefit us in the long run, say experts. “We find with our customer and client base that New Year’s resolutions are […]

Here is an article that appeared in the Dec. 29, 1921, issue of The National Underwriter Life Insurance Edition. In the “National Thrift Week” to be observed Jan. 17-23, life insurance is given a prominent place, the third day of the campaign being “Life Insurance Day.” This movement is fostered by the Y.M.C.A. in cooperation […]

Eleven months ago, Tim Cook sat confidently behind his desk at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA, preparing to give a speech. His talk would be delivered virtually in connection with International Data Privacy Day in Brussels, Belgium, but it would be a shot heard around the world. A shot taken directly at Facebook. Shortly before […]

A former wide receiver for the New York Jets who fraudulently obtained more than $1.2 million in Covid-19 relief money and spent tens of thousands of dollars of that on luxury items has been sentenced to more than three years in prison, federal prosecutors said. The former N.F.L. player, Joshua J. Bellamy, 32, of St. […]

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