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How to select your MBA specialization Branch : MBA HR, Marketing, Finance & Operations Profile & Pay

Written by on May 21, 2022

Which MBA Branch to Pick & How?
What are the different MBA/ BBA/ PGDM Branches?
What is the meaning & Job Profile of each Management Branch?
What is their Job & Career Scope of BBA/ MBA/ PGDM Branch wise?
What is the Average salary of MBA/ PGDM each Branch?
Skills required branch wise & Finally which MBA Specialization/ Branch is the Best?

We will Discuss the above Mentioned Points here.

Pay after 6 Months of Placement Management Program :

Here are the Time Stamps :

1:20 = Types of Management Degrees & Specializations

2:15 = How to take admission in BBA/ MBA/ PGDM

2:47 = What is Human Resource ( HR Branch )

3:47 = Job Profile of an HR. HR duties & What does an HR do

4:29 = Job Scope in HR

5:06 = Salary of HR Manager

6:02 = Career Scope in HR

6:31 = Skills Required for Mba in HR. How to decide if HR is the branch for me.


7:37 = What is Marketing? What is MBA in marketing?

8:21 = Job Profile in Marketing? What does an MBA in Marketing do? Duties of Marketing Manager.

8:43 = Career Scope in Marketing

9:00 = Job Scope in Marketing

9:28 = Salary in MBA Marketing

9:46 = Skills required for Marketing. How to select Marketing branch in MBA.


10:30 = What is Finance? What is MBA in Finance?

11:05 = Job Profile in Finance Management. What does a Finance Manager do? Duties of MBA finance.

11:58 = MBA Finance Syllabus. What does an MBA Finance Do?

12:15 = Career Scope in MBA Finance

12:45 = Job Scope in MBA Finance

12:58 = Salary in MBA Finance

13:25 = Skills Required for Finance


14:10 = What is MBA in Operations ?

14:34 = Job Profile in Operations.

15:29 = Career Scope in Operations

15:44 = Skills required in MBA Operations

16:35 = Job Scope in MBA Operations

16:42 = Salary in MBA Operations

17:00 = one of the Best MBA/ PGDM Programme where you can Pay after 6 months of Placement :

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