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We understand many things have changed since the pandemic hit last year, but Lore’l and @Headkrack are bothered by some of these new restrictions restaurants are placing on food orders!! Has this happened to you?! See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle #WhosCappin source

Sharon Osbourne continues to clean up her image after what had happened on her show The Talk regarding the defense of Piers Morgan on his comments on Meghan Markle… Plus Cardi B and Candace Owens go back-and-forth on Twitter after she appeared on Fox News criticizing the “WAP” performance at the Grammy Awards. See more […]

A high school basketball announcer was caught on a hot mic hatefully directing the N-word at players as they kneeled during the playing of the national anthem before the contest started, but to make matters worse, it was his “reasoning” behind why it happened that had Lore’l calling CAP on Matt Rowan. See more exclusives […]

While discussing an earlier topic about the rise is dating app usage, Billy Sorrells opened up about prior to his married days using dating apps, except we’re trying to figure out why he said he admitted to downloading the GRINDR app??? Take a listen to his “explanation” & roast @billysorrells in the comment section below! […]

Dr. Ian Smith joined us on @The Morning Hustle to give us the latest updates surrounding the increase in coronavirus cases, and where things stand with the vaccine. He touches on how we can help alive peoples skepticism, as well as what he predicts 2021 will hopefully look like if things going according to plan. […]

This mornings #WhosCappin had a much more serious message on The Morning Hustle as Lore’l discussed people being concerned about former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Brandi Boyd after she took to Instagram Live and shared audio of what sounded like a domestic dispute with her husband. We thank Lore’l & our listeners who’ve […]

Lore’l had to give Papa John’s founder John Schnatter “Who’s Cappin?!” this morning on @The Morning Hustle after he claimed he’s spent nearly two years trying to rid his vocabulary of the racial slur that got him ousted from the pizza chain…. Listen to the break down and let us know your thoughts ⤵️ See […]

After the week he’s had, you know Lore’l had to give ‘Who’s Cappin” to Piers Morgan this morning on @The Morning Hustle 🗣 See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle #WhosCappin #PiersMorgan source

Catch up with everything you missed in The Lo Down with Lore’l! From Ice Cube responding to ‘SNL’, Lil Wayne may be single and not the only celeb to endorse Trump, and T.I. & Dave Chappelle debate wearing masks in Atlanta! See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle […]

Lore’l breaks out the facts & historical data today to explain to you why we all need to get out and vote! If you voted already, tell a friend, or grab a family member and bring them to the polls! Whether you vote for yourself, community, or ancestors, this election locally and nationally is so […]