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Filip Custic @filipcustic1The “Satan Shoes” saga has come to a close. Nike has settled its lawsuit against MSCHF, the design company that teamed up with Lil Nas X to create a reimagined devil-inspired Air Max 97. According to Entertainment Weekly, Nike and MSCHF agreed to a voluntary recall of the “Satan Shoes,” as well as […]

Jackson Lee/GC ImagesIf you ever happen to forget that Mariah Carey is a true diva, here’s a reminder that she’s the woman who works out in stilettos — sort of. The “We Belong Together” star shared a throwback MTV commercial she shot in the late 2000’s where she’s seen working out in high heels alongside […]

Miikka Skaffari/Getty ImagesThe “Satan Shoes” saga continues. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a federal judge has ordered Lil Nas X’s controversial sneaker collaboration with design company MSCHF to be pulled off the market. The limited-edition devil-themed Nike Air Max 97s quickly sold out after being released earlier this week and Nike, who did not authorize […]

We know a story like this gets sneaker heads like Lore’l BIG MAD. That’s why she’s calling CAP on Ann Hebert & her son! Ann was Nike’s VP and general manager for its North America division, who resigned following reports that she was linked to her son’s sneaker resale business. It’s being reported her son […]

The internet is coming up with all the memes after Kim Kardashian’s birthday message, which may have been meant to be innocent, totally missed the mark regarding what really is going on in the real world. Lore’l has those details plus we now know when we’re getting the next Drake album! Are you excited for […]