Teddy Riley On Hide And Go Seek With MJ And 10 Kids, And Neverland Ranch (Part 4)

Written by on August 13, 2021

In this clip, Teddy talks about playing hide and go seek with Michael Jackson and over 10 other children, how many days he had to do that until they went in the studio and why, what MJ built SPECIFICALLY for Teddy during his stay at Neverland Ranch during recording. (click below to see part 5)

Teddy also discusses what amenities were in the villas at Neverland Ranch, what movies MJ had BEFORE they were in movies, what animals MJ tried to give him, favorite rides at Neverland

Teddy starts to discuss his legendary as well as infamous battle with Babyface and exactly why his music was terrible during the battle which they pick up on in Part 5:

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