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USA DeBusk credits overall success to Cadence

Written by on January 14, 2022

USA DeBusk credits overall success to Cadence

USA DeBusk credits overall success to Cadence

Since it was founded in 2013, environmental contracting company USA DeBusk has had several contributing factors to its business successes, including its relationship with Cadence Bank, N.A. 

According to Andrew DeBusk, CEO of USA DeBusk, Cadence was instrumental in helping his company hit the ground running in the early days.

“We began working with Cadence in March 2013, and they provided a line of credit and equipment financing on much better terms than anybody else offered,” DeBusk said. “It was not even close, and it was an absolute game changer for us.”

After partnering with Cadence, USA DeBusk had more money to buy equipment and borrow against its receivables, a crucial factor in the company’s ongoing success.

The value of USA DeBusk’s partnership with Cadence became even more apparent in 2017, when the market was in a soft spot.

“In 2017, our industry was a little wobbly, but we had a number of great growth opportunities,” DeBusk said. “Cadence and the management team worked together to put some money into the business, and we were able to take advantage of a soft spot in the market to really grow our company. I think they really went above and beyond during that period.

“Everyone else said ‘no,’ but Cadence said ‘let’s figure this out.’ USA DeBusk would not be the company it is today without Cadence.”

Above all else, the most valuable aspect of USA DeBusk’s relationship with Cadence during its fledgling years – and to this day – is trust.

“We have a very trusting relationship with Cadence,” said Joe Franz, CFO for USA DeBusk. “We trust them, and they trust us. That is huge. I know I can call Cadence and have open, frank conversations with them. I know we are going to work together, as partners.

“It eliminates a tremendous amount of anxiety when you have a bank you can trust. Without that, you have to worry day in and day out about your standing with your bank. You will not have to worry about that with Cadence.”

About Cadence

Cadence offers a full array of financial products and solutions to bring real value to your business and help you achieve your company’s long-term goals.

These offerings include strategic solutions for middle-market companies; relationship building with high-touch, personal service; a focus on industry to better serve your financial needs; and regional expertise with an international reach.

About USA DeBusk

USA DeBusk is a best-in-class mechanical and industrial cleaning services provider specializing in serving the downstream energy sector. It offers a full suite of solutions including specialty turnaround services; coker unit services; hydroblasting; hydrocutting; hydroexcavation and vacuuming; unit clearing; chemical cleaning; tank cleaning; emission control; pigging, decoking and filtration; controlled-volume pigging; hot catalyst services; inert catalyst services; and transportation, storage and transloading services.

For more information, visit or call (800) 636-7622.

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