ABC News (WASHINGTON) — After a week of record-breaking extreme heat across the nation, science educator Bill Nye told “This Week” co-anchor Martha Raddatz that the extreme heat and flooding making headlines is “a taste of the new normal.” “The latest research is that there’s not a turning point or a tipping point or a […]

ABC News (WASHINGTON) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Sunday pushed congressional Republicans for a comprehensive deal on immigration after a bill was blocked earlier this year. Warren, a member of the national advisory board for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, defended the president’s patchwork of executive actions after she claimed Republicans caved to former […]

Mark Makela/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — One Secret Service office in Chicago is responsible for securing both the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention and no stone is left unturned — from large-scale security measures to making sure residents in Chicago and Milwaukee aren’t missing trash pickup. The Secret Service Chicago Field Office is responsible […]

Drew Angerer/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — President Joe Biden on Thursday won the coin toss to secure a podium position on the right side of the stage during the CNN debate next week, but by doing so gave Donald Trump the final closing statement of the 90-minute matchup. According to CNN, the coin landed on tails […]

Spencer Platt/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Facing 16 felony charges in federal court, New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez launched a long-shot bid for reelection earlier this month as an independent, but he appears to have held no campaign events, raised almost no money through the first quarter of this year, reportedly has no paid […]

ABC News (ATLANTA) — At an invite-only event in downtown Atlanta, hip-hop fans from across the country came together for a unique voter outreach event. The Black Male Voter Project, an organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement among Black men, partnered with some of the biggest names in the battle rap to host the No […]

Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The Republican National Committee is launching a nationwide recruitment effort for poll workers ahead of November’s election as former President Donald Trump continues to spread doubts about election security. The RNC says it has promised Trump it will enlist at least 100,000 people to serve as poll watchers, poll […]

Patrick Van Katwijk/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The Biden administration is issuing a total ban on the use of a Russian-backed cybersecurity software in the United States due to the Russian government’s alleged influence operations over the software, the U.S. Commerce Department announced on Thursday. Kaspersky Lab’s software has been a concern of U.S. government officials […]

Getty Images – STOCK (WASHINGTON) — A smaller number of the women voters who cast ballots for President Joe Biden in 2020 said they’d vote for him again in 2024 than the share of women voters who supported former President Donald Trump in 2020 who said they’d do so again this year, according to a […]

SimpleImages/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The federal judge overseeing Donald Trump’s classified documents case is hearing arguments Friday on the former president’s effort to invalidate the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith. The hearing is focused on a legal theory pushed by conservative legal critics of the special counsel, who has been overseeing the case against […]

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