Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (SIMI VALLEY, Calif.) — In an easily missed moment during Wednesday night’s chaotic GOP presidential primary debate, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would sign a federal 15-week abortion ban. Wednesday’s comment marked the first time since the launch of his presidential campaign that he said he would sign a national abortion ban. […]

Andy Clement – andyc.com/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Democrats and Republicans in the state are ramping up their attacks ahead of high stakes state-wide elections in Virginia, releasing dueling ads about abortion — a hot-button issues at the center of nearly every race in both the GOP-led state House and the Democratic-controlled state Senate. Last week, […]

David McNew/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office filed a reply Friday evening to former President Trump’s opposition to the prosecution’s proposed gag order in Trump’s federal election interference case. Smith’s office raises new concerns about Trump’s recent public statements attacking prosecutors and other potential witnesses and also suggests he may have violated a […]

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. teased an announcement on Friday that he said would create a “sea change in American politics” amid speculation that the Democratic candidate may leave the party. Kennedy previously refused to rule out an independent run for president in August. 2024 contest. Kennedy said in a […]

Peter Dazeley/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The government’s unprecedented three-year pause on federal student loan payments officially ends this Sunday, Oct. 1, when roughly 28 million borrowers will once again be on the hook for their loans. The restart to payments comes after eight extensions of the pandemic-era pause, beginning during former President Donald Trump’s administration. […]

Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is kicking off a new TV advertisement in the heat of the college football season, with the ad set to air during the University of Colorado Buffaloes and University of Southern California Trojans game Saturday. First shared with ABC News, the TV […]

Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — It started with a short clip of him dancing with social media influencer Jake Paul and what Vivek Ramaswamy called a vision to better engage with younger voters. It’s continued with him documenting his travels on the campaign trail, showing time spent with his two young sons and […]

Mint Images/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — With Congress failing to agree on spending, the U.S. is barreling toward what could be one of the largest government shutdowns in history. Lawmakers have until the end of the day Saturday to reach a deal to keep much of the government open. If they don’t, 3.5 million of federal […]

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Dianne Feinstein, who became California’s first female senator and went on to serve six terms, the longest of any woman in Senate history — and whose political career was forever changed by the assassination of two colleagues — has died, multiple sources confirm to ABC News. […]

Emily Elconin/Bloomberg via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday night opted out of the latest 2024 Republican primary debate and instead spoke in Michigan about the ongoing auto workers’ strike. The event was held as counter-programming to Trump’s rivals, who gathered in California on the debate stage as he attacked President Joe […]

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